This page is all about raising money for the Group. HGAS are a registered charity (1042613) and raise funds through monthly subscription, fundraising events, barbecue sales and donations. This enables us to pay ongoing rent and utilities and other costs but we have also embarked on an ambitious project to buy or rent some land locally and build our own Scout headquarters. If this venture is successful, we hope to be able to bring benefits to the whole community as well as our own Group.

First and foremost, we would like to say a very big THANK YOU  to the parents for not only giving up their time, but also paying the monthly subscription, signing up for Gift Aid and supporting our events, as this is important income generation, without which the Group would not be able to continue.

We are also grateful to all the local companies and organisations that have helped us in some way, either by providing us with services for free, a venue for an event, raffle prizes or even just money: