Uniforms and Badges

Our Halfpenny Green Air Scouts and Air Explorers wear a striking blue shirt and a smart Air Scout beret. They may also wear a belt with a Scout motif buckle. The Group scarf (known as a 'necker') is a light blue with the triangular Group badge worn to be visible at the back.

Uniforms can be obtained from the official Scout Store: Shop.Scouts.org.uk.
Please ensure that you purchase Air Scout blue shirts or blouses for Scouts and Explorers, not the standard teal or brown options.
Beavers and Cubs use the standard uniform.

Download a printable copy:  Beavers Uniform and Badges.pdf

Download a printable copy:  Cubs Uniform and Badges.pdf

Download a printable copy:  Scouts Uniform and Badges.pdf

The friendship knot is one of the eleven basic traditional Chinese knots used to tie neckerchiefs and lanyards. It has a beautiful square shape. You can use a friendship knot to fasten your necker instead of a woggle and just slip the necker over your head once the knot is in place. This video shows you how:

Here are a few of the explanations for why this particular knot is used to symbolise friendship:

  • Scouts often use neckers tied with this knot to share with new friends at jamborees and other national and international events.
  • The best way to learn how to tie the knot is with a friend, rather like watching the Scout in the video.
  • Once it’s tied, you never need to undo it, kind of like a friendship.